Tourism Development Grant Program

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Note: It is imperative that all the guidelines be reviewed before submitting an application for a grant

Mission Statement – The Morehouse Tourism Grant Program is intended to provide for the development and enhancement of tourism in Morehouse Parish, including, but not limited to, the support for historic preservation, sports and other special events including the arts and humanities.

Awarding of Grants – This program provides funds for qualified applicants submitted by eligible organizations. Organizations with matching funds will be given priority consideration. All funding decisions are made with consideration of the best interest of Morehouse Parish. If an organization receives grant funds from the Morehouse Tourism Commission for a certain program in one year does not guarantee that a grant request from the same program will be funded in future years. Grant recipients may use allocated funds only for such purposes stated in the grant proposal that is approved by the Morehouse Parish Tourism Commission. Reallocation of grant funding for purposes other than those specified in the grant proposal shall require written approval by the Tourism Commission. Effective July, 2010 organizations awarded a grant during one of the cycles must spend the money before being allowed to apply for another grant. As grants are awarded twice a year, organizations have 6 months to spend the awarded money if they want to apply for the next grant. If the organization chooses to not apply for the next grant, then the usual one year to spend the awarded money remains in effect.

Eligibility for Grants – Grants will be approved by the Morehouse Tourism Commission to only existing 501(c)(3) organizations or any other federal/state approved non-profit status organization.

Purpose and Use of Grant – The grant must provide for the growth of tourism in Morehouse Parish. Grants showing the fastest and highest return on the investment will be given the highest priority. In addition, grants must improve the overall quality of life for the citizens in Morehouse Parish. Grant requests may be used for the bidding or promotion of bringing a convention to the area, advertising and promotion to expand the attendance at a new or existing tourism event, the survey and planning expenditures for developing and revitalizing an existing tourism oriented attraction, for capital improvements of new or existing tourist oriented attractions, co-op advertising directed to out of state visitors, special projects deemed to be of a community wide tourism interest, and for brochure development for a festival, attraction or other non-profit tourism entity.

Size of Eligible Grants – Grants in the amount of $1,650 are awarded.

Submission of Grant Applications – Applications for a grant must be submitted to the Morehouse Parish Tourism Commission by February and July of each year for consideration. In the event that an incomplete application is received, the Executive Director for the Tourism Commission will notify the applicant of the deficiencies. Contact the Tourism Commission for exact date for submission.

Grant Funding Procedures – Those that are awarded grants are required to submit their expenditures within 30 days after the event. Grant reimbursement will be awarded within 30 days after receipt of said expenditures. If grant funds are not disbursed prior to the end of the fiscal year that the funds were allocated for, the grant recipient will forfeit the remaining funds and the funds will be incorporated into the general funds of the Morehouse Parish Tourism Commission. No payment will be made for invoices for project work completed prior to award of the grant.

Validation of Grant Money Usage – For those awarded grants, it is required that photographs and other forms of validation of the grant money usage be submitted within 30 days after the event.