October, 2017

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2017 Christmas Parade

This year’s Christmas Parade theme has been set as “An Old Fashioned Christmas” and will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in Bastrop, Louisiana. Click the link below for an application to enter the parade.

2017 Parade Application


Parade Line-Up Information

  1. Parade line-up will be at the Pines Shopping Center (across the street from Wendy’s).
  2. Floats should enter the parking lot from the E. Madison entrance only.
  3. Parade line-up begins at 8:00 a.m. All entries must be in line by 9:30 or face elimination from the parade.  Entries must not be left unattended.
  4. All children must be supervised.
  5. All BASTROP HIGH SCHOOL, BEEKMAN CHARTER SCHOOL AND PRAIRIE VIEW ACADEMY homecoming and calendar girl entries: Please ensure that vehicle entries are lined up in order by school and class.  Example:  PVA freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, queen.  The vehicles should arrive at the same time in the parking lot in order to be able to line up together. 
  6. No litter is to be thrown on the parking lot. Any litter around your entry needs to be picked up.

Parade Disband Information

The parade will disband at the Baron Ball Park. We will travel on E. Madison and turn left on Liberty Street, cross Jefferson Street and go straight into Baron Ball Park.  We WILL NOT be going around the courthouse square.

  1. No litter is to remain on the ground around your float.


Absolutely no litter is to be thrown on the parking lots!!!!  Instruct your float riders that candy wrappers, drink cups, food containers, etc. are not to be thrown on the ground.  Have a garbage bag on the float in order to place the trash in it.  There is no exception to breaking this rule!!!

General Information


 Enter the line-up parking lot at the Pines Shopping Center (across from Wendy’s)

  1. Be in place by 9:30 a.m. or face elimination from the parade. Line-up begins at 8:00.
  2. Judging of the floats will take place during the line-up.
  3. Have a fire extinguisher on board of the floats.
  4. Have at least 2 people (total of 4) walking on each side of the floats for safety purposes.
  5. Promote the official theme “Christmas on ‘da Bayou” if possible.
  6. Pick up all litter around the float prior to starting the parade.


 Have Santa Claus on their float entry.

  1. Refuel generators once parade is in motion.
  2. Leave personal vehicles around parade line-up area.
  3. Break formation once parade line-up is set.
  4. Throw any trash of any type in the parking lot.
  5. Hold neither the Bastrop-Morehouse Chamber of Commerce or its representatives NOR the City of Bastrop or its representatives for any injuries or damages incurred before, during or after the parade.

Safety Guidelines


  1. Throw the candy far out into the crowd. Do not drop the candy near the float, as people can get run over when getting too close to the float to pick up the candy.  Children throwing candy are dropping the candy too close to the float and it is causing a hazard.  If a child can’t throw the candy out into the crowd, please do not let them throw the candy then.
  2. Drivers of floats must be at least 21 years of age and have a license for the vehicle being operated.
  3. Proof of insurance is required for all vehicles.
  4. An adult must be present when children are riding on a float. Safety rails, barriers or ropes can be helpful in preventing a fall from a float.
  5. All vehicles and/or vehicles pulling a float will have a dry chemical ABC rated fire extinguisher of at least 5 lb. capacity. The extinguisher can be in the tow vehicle or on the float.
  6. No refueling of generators will be allowed once the parade is in motion.


  1. All floats using generators will make sure that there are no combustible or flammable materials near the exhaust.
  2. No fireworks allowed on any tow vehicle or float.
  3. No consumption of alcohol or smoking on any float or tow vehicle.
  4. Float decorations will not interfere with the driver’s field of vision and the operation of any vehicle lights or safety features.
  5. All persons riding on floats must stay seated at all times. Please do not allow float riders to hang legs and feet over the side of the float.  Participants must stay on floats at all times once the parade is in motion.


  1. All extension cords should be rated to carry the current load and have grounding type plugs in place.
  2. All plug connections will be taped over to prevent them from coming apart or allowing moisture from getting into the connection.
  3. High intensity floodlights should be kept away from flammable or combustible materials.
  4. All floats will be inspected prior to the start of the parade.
  5. Neither the Bastrop-Morehouse Chamber of Commerce nor the City of Bastrop is liable for any injuries incurred before, during or after the parade.